Writeyboard Whiteboard Paint

Gone are the days of the traditional, heavy and hard to handle Whiteboards. Enter Whiteboard Paint! Everyone including students, organisations, families and the like all have a need for a solution to facilitate, create and collaborate. Today, Writeyboard has made innovative strides to bring you dry erase solutions that are simpler, more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

Writeyboards created a paint on whiteboard that is like no other!  You might be asking yourself “whats the difference between Writeyboard paint and all other whiteboard paints”.  Writeyboard Paint is the only Whiteboard Paint worldwide that comes in a single, ready to paint, container. Just pour and paint!

All other Whiteboard Paints on the market today involve an epoxy mixing procedure before applying. An epoxy solution is provided in two parts (2 separate tins) which must be mixed together prior to painting. This doesn’t seem like a big deal however can be confusing.

The disadvantage to all 2 Part Whiteboard Paints is, approximately 45 minutes after the two parts are mixed together the solution will begin to set and go hard. After this time the paint is unusable putting a time restriction on the painter to get the job done. This can lead to rushed applications and inevitably product performance issues.

Writeyboard has cut out this potentially deterring step to provide a solution that is not only user-friendly but also delivers in erasing performance.  Some might ask how durable Writeyboard Paint truly is. And that is a legitimate question. The answer is simple. Writeyboard stands by their products 100%. This is demonstrated by the ten year warranty provided on all Writeyboard Paint purchases. Not only is Writeyboard Paint being used as a solution for dry erase but also as anti-graffiti paint. Available in White and a Clear colour that preserves any existing wall colour. Writing on walls used to get you in trouble. Now it’s not only allowed, its encouraged.

Check out Writeyboards Revolutionary Whiteboard Paint at writeyboard.com.au/collections/paint

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