How to turn any surface into a whiteboard

Writeyboard Whiteboard Paint allows you to create spaces for artwork, design or brainstorming anywhere in your home or office – at a fraction of the cost!

If you’ve ever had to install a permanent, traditional whiteboard, you’ll know the process can include hidden costs.

And that’s before you consider the challenge involved should you ever decide you want to remove it.

Writeyboard Australia, an innovative supplier of contemporary whiteboard solutions, has already revolutionised the market with its range of contact adhesive whiteboards that can be ordered to suit walls of any size.

Now the brand has gone one step further with the release of Whiteboard Paint, available in white and clear colour options.

As a fast-drying wall paint, Whiteboard Paint is quick and easy to apply and just as straightforward to remove (should you ever want to), making it a popular alternative to traditional products.


No more ruined walls

We’ve all seen what happens to whitegoods and wall surfaces when the kids decide to play artist.

With a simple application of Writeyboard Whiteboard Paint, the problem is solved as your pint-sized Da Vinci can colour to their heart’s content with standard whiteboard markers.

Better than wasteful paper-based drawing options, Whiteboard Paint allows you and your family to start from scratch with a quick wipe-down.

As a kitchen feature, a wall of Whiteboard Paint also offers parents a space for writing notes, recipes and the weekly shopping list.

Office creativity unleashed

Just like the rest of Writeyboard’s products, Whiteboard Paint presents an ideal solution for the modern office.

Applications for use are practically endless, as your employees gain the ability to hone their ideas and share knowledge in highly visible locations.

And if you’re not confident about how to apply Whiteboard Paint, Writeyboard have made the process as simple as possible with the release of a Writeyboard Paint Kit and a helpful installation video.

Find out more today.

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