Writeydesk: An asset in the classroom or the office

Just in time for EOFY, the new Writeydesk puts dry-erase technology at your fingertips.

Computers and mobile devices have already changed the way we learn and work. As the use of email, text messages and social media has increased, written communication has shifted towards digital.

Despite these trends, people still love to write. Whether it’s a quick calculation, a sketch or a mind map, writing by hand is still a quick, creative way to brainstorm and share ideas quickly.

But instead of throwing money at messy, traditional writing resources, an increasing number of organisations are turning to dry-erase whiteboards as a more efficient, tree-friendly alternative. And with Writeyboard products, a whiteboard solution is always near to hand.

Writeyboard: Helping Australia go paperless

Our Writey Whiteboard Paint and Writey stick on whiteboards have already revolutionised office, schoolroom and university walls all over Australia. Now, the new Writeydesk has arrived, eliminating the need for desktop notepads and sticky notes entirely.

Designed with professional and educational spaces in mind, the Writeydesk comes in the original whiteboard white, or in a birch finish for a more organic look.

Writeydesk is so versatile, it’s popularly used in:

  • Home offices
  • Professional offices
  • High schools, trade schools and universities

Write on, wipe off: A Writeyboard Tax Write-off this EOFY

Of course, it’s not about where people use our products that makes Writeyboard so special, it’s about how people use them.

If you’re a sole trader or small business owner, you’re probably already feeling the pinch with EOFY just around the corner. As a practical business expense, a Writeydesk has the added advantage of lowering stationery expenditure, making it the perfect new asset to write off this tax time.

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