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The best thing to happen to desks since chairs!

WriteyDesk is the desk you can write on. It’s a sleek, modern desk with a whiteboard surface. Perfect for taking notes, drawing, and leaving yourself reminders, your work day will never be the same. WriteyDesk comes in two sizes and two finishes to suit any space!


  • 100% whiteboard Surface
  • 75cm Ergonomic Height
  • Modern Chasis Z-legs
  • Stability Support (leg attachment)
  • 2 Grommet Holes


Experience the satisfying ‘ahh’ of relief as you remove every unnecessary paper off your desktop and manage to transform your workstation into a multi-purpose whiteboard table ideal for collaboration, brainstorming, or even just jotting phone numbers.

The WriteyDesk brings the versatility and clarity of a whiteboard to the place where you do most of your thinking: your desk. The most striking feature is the entire top surface is a dry-erase, playground. What makes this desk so unique is you don't have to sacrifice wooden aesthetics for a dry erase desk.

Its sleek architectural design is complimented by what looks and feels like a natural birchwood desktop but is actually a 100% write on whiteboard desk in high-end disguise. Large enough to hold your monitor, keyboard, pencil cup and mouse, the WriteyDesk still leaves plenty of room to scribble down a new theory of quantum physics or a particularly large lunch order should the need arise.

It goes without saying that space is a rare commodity in the modern workplace, which is why we decided to bring your whiteboard to right where you sit. Not everyone has the luxury of an extra room to collaborate or plot out ideas and not everyone has the freedom to make changes to their office space, so we've reimagined what's possible within the one place you deserve complete autonomy, the desk. The result is a completely different outlook on what's possible within your workspace.

A write on table allows you to be the king or queen of your domain, personalise your space and do things your way. You can illuminate your whiteboard desk with a splash of colour by utilising the rainbow of colour markers that will help make your whiteboard desk pop. And utilise the dry-erase surface to start over whenever you like and make sure no two days will ever look the same again.

The whiteboard desk for anywhere

Work in an office space? Or maybe you work from home? Or maybe you're still at school and need to pimp up your study space for when your crush comes over to work on maths?

The whiteboard desk's usefulness is limited only by your imagination. In tight spaces, it comes alive with the desk-top providing a whole new canvas without using up any more room. In a big creative space the whiteboard desk can be the centre-piece. A splash of colour goes a long way. Especially green. The colour your colleagues will be after you get one.

Students and Kids

If you're a student, it's the only desk that'll make you look forward to algebra. Just make sure you don't get carried away and start writing on your desks at school. If you really insist on scribbling "Mr Sanders is a tight-wad" somewhere, your WriteyDesk is the perfect place. Unless you are home-schooled and Mr. Sanders is your father.

Creatives and Designers

If you're a creative, let's face it, you're probably forgetful. Heck, you're probably drowning in paper. Now you can storyboard, learn lines and keep a calendar on your whiteboard desk. Sure you still won't make any money but at least you'll look good doing it! You might even get props for finally keeping your space tidy. Clean the whiteboard table top at any time with a simple eraser and start again. Get the creative juices flowing and stop your paper-bill growing.


Not ready to give up your gold-plated antique desk? You don't have to! But if you think your office space could do with a little livening up, the writey-desk can make even you, look hip. Yes, even you, Clarence.


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Customer Reviews

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Writey Desk

I purchased this desk two weeks ago. It was for a second desk and to encourage my 4 year old son to draw and write. Its an amazing desk-I would highly recommend it. The desk was delivered the day after I bought it and my son has been writing and drawing on it ever since. Ive been using it when the other desk we have is being used by my wife. I think all desks should be like this ...you can write your to do list for the day on it and rub it out when you are finished...great desk, high quality finish ..cant recommend it more..


I hesitantly leave a negative review however attempts to contact the company have gone unanswered. I was initially very keen to use the Writeydesk. After arriving damaged (squashed in one corner meaning damaged laminex) I contacted the company and initial reply from the company on the day of delivery very good, the company has now however fallen silent and not returned any of my emails. I'm currently using a damaged but still usable desk. I'm sure the product is good and I would purchase again, if the damage had not occurred and/ or follow up had been better from Writey Australia.