whiteboard paint kit


per can = 25 sq ft

white or clear

choose your size

square metres

1 can. 1 coat. 1 whiteboard.

A can of WriteyPaint will transform any wall into a whiteboard wall. WriteyPaint is the highest quality and easiest to apply dry erase paint on the market. With WriteyPaint you don’t have to break the bank (or your back) to install a dynamic floor to ceiling clear whiteboard! 2 finishes: Transparent paint, for those that want to maintain the colour of their wall, and classic White paint.


WriteyPaint is the perfect synthesis of wall and whiteboard. Keep the colour of your walls with Transparent WriteyPaint or get some contrast with White WriteyPaint.

  • Patented Paint Formula
  • Write on in 48 Hours*
  • One Can, No Mixing
  • Guaranteed to Erase
  • 5-year limited Warranty
  • How To Apply Instructions


what’s in the kit

  • WriteyPaint
  • 230mm roller
  • 1 eraser cloth
  • 1 whiteboard marker
  • Detailed instructions

recommended surfaces

  • 100% sealed surfaces
  • Drywall
  • Wall paper
  • Metal
  • Wood

Whiteboard paint is a great way to turn any wall into a creative and productive space. Writeyboard's fun and easy to apply whiteboard wall paint allows you to create the perfect space for learning, fun and organisation at home, work and school.

With clear or white whiteboard paint, you can design your kids’ playroom, office boardroom or school classroom in the most practical way possible. Our paint on whiteboard is easy to apply as we supply it in a one part solution - no mixing required. Our one-part top class whiteboard paint makes application simple, with more time for application to ensure your end result is perfect.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with dry erase whiteboard paint

Children’s bedrooms come alive with whiteboard paint. Let them decorate their walls and rest assured that it will all wipe away without any permanent damage. Your kids will love covering their bedroom in their drawings, then wiping it clear and starting all over again. It is the perfect way to explore ideas in a fun, interesting way.

Whiteboard paint is a low-cost artwork solution in your home

Our paint on whiteboard is the perfect, affordable alternative to pictures or expensive wallpaper. You will love watching your children’s drawings become more sophisticated and complex as they practice and grow, with the results right before your eyes.

how to install paint

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