5 Ways to Use Custom Printed Whiteboards Creatively

Custom printed whiteboards can serve as a versatile tool for seamlessly integrating your company branding into your office or workspace. The unique custom designs, featuring your company branding, colours, and patterns, not only reinforce your brand identity but also instil a sense of company pride amongst employees.

In meeting rooms or dedicated workspaces, custom printed whiteboards can go beyond aesthetics to improve productivity and stimulate creativity. Now, let's dive deeper into understanding what custom printed whiteboards are.

What is a Custom Printed Whiteboard?

A custom printed whiteboard goes beyond the conventional whiteboard, featuring a unique imprint of a company’s logo, design, or pertinent branding. Widely used in offices, workspaces, and schools, these boards offer a practical way to present and brainstorm ideas collaboratively. The visual appeal of custom designs transforms traditional whiteboards into powerful tools for improving communication and unlocking creativity.

Here are a few creative ways to use custom printed whiteboards:

1. Planning & Brainstorming Sessions

Ideal for projects requiring meticulous planning and brainstorming, custom printed whiteboards provide a perfect canvas. From your logo sitting subtly in the background to actual customisation of the whiteboard canvas visual call-outs like tables, charts, or headings, these whiteboards can definitely amplify collaboration and brainstorming. This makes it great for any type of planning: business, sports coaching, and events!

2. Track progress of projects

Take planning to a granular level by using custom printed boards to track the progress of your projects weekly, monthly, or however frequently! Visually divide the board into sections to reflect different stages, milestones, or delegations, offering a visual representation of the project’s timeline and movement.

3. Site communication board

Transform custom whiteboards into physical site communication boards – use it to relay important company announcements, safety guidelines, and operational matters. For instance, the team at adbri Masonry uses custom whiteboards for toolbox meetings to effectively communicate critical safety information.

4. Employee Recognition Wall

Showcase achievements and milestones on a custom printed whiteboard dedicated to employee recognition. Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and accomplishments to boost morale and reinforce a positive company culture.

5. Teaching and Lesson Planning

Structure teaching or lesson plans effortlessly on custom printed whiteboards. Use the visual appeal to engage students, illustrate concepts, and organise lesson content in a way that enhances learning.

Tailor your custom printed whiteboard to suit any purpose imaginable. Here at Writeyboard, we specialise in transforming any logo, image, sporting field, map, tables – virtually anything – into fully functional whiteboards! Enquire today.

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