How to Install Window Film

Window film is an easy and cost effective option to improve privacy without sacrificing natural light. You can also use window film to add unique designs to your windows such as customised designs or to mimic the effect of etched glass at a much more affordable cost.

window frosting film in office

Unlike specialised windows, applying window film is highly efficient, able to be applied within half an hour and you can even do it yourself! 

Installing window films

If you are applying your window film yourself, follow our 5 step process below. 

Recommended tools & materials

You will require a few tools and materials to apply your window film neatly and get the best results.

We recommend using the following:

    1. Measuring tape & ruler
    2. Trimming knife or sharp scissors
    3. Window cleaner & cloth
    4. Squeegee or plastic scraper  
    5. Baby shampoo & spray bottle


    Our easy 5 step process to installing window films

    1. Clean & prepare windows 

    The first step of applying your window film is to first clean the windows using a suitable glass cleaner. Ensure that all the window cleaner is wiped off otherwise the product will dissolve the adhesive of the film. You should then spray the surface with a mixture of water and a couple of drops of baby shampoo. This mixture enables the film to stick to the window while also allowing you to easily manoeuvre the film into place. The soapy water mixture is your friend during the installation - the wetter the surface, the better! Shake the spray bottle after adding the baby shampoo to ensure the soap circulates through the mixture.

    2. Measure window & cut film

    Measure the window space you’d like to apply the film to and place your window film on a flat surface to then trim it. When measuring your window film to cut it, we recommend leaving at least two centimetres leeway. 

    3. Remove backing & apply film

    Ensuring that the window surface is wet from the baby shampoo and water mixture, begin peeling the backing of the window film. Place the adhesive side of the film onto the window starting from the top and ensuring it is level. Then slowly apply the rest of the film to the window, using your squeegee to flatten the film out. Keep applying the baby shampoo mixture to ensure a smooth finish.

    4. Remove air bubbles 

    Take the time to smooth out any remaining air bubbles by using your squeegee, plastic scraper or even with just your hand. Smooth the bubbles out with firm overlapping strokes and keep applying the baby shampoo mixture so your hand or squeegee glides over the film easily.

    5. Give film a final trim

    After you are satisfied with film application, give the window film a final trim at the edges and ensure there are no remaining bubbles or moisture. 


    Having trouble with window film

    Applying window film can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Handling the sticky adhesive and smoothing out air bubbles can require some patience so if you are short on time or don’t want to handle it yourself, we recommend getting the experts in. Writey can provide you with installation assistance. Simply fill out our installation request form when ordering your window film and we will ensure that your window film looks flawless! 


    Purchase your window film today!

    You can order your window film from Writey. We offer a range of different sizes in Scotchel Haze and can even provide custom designs and sizes upon request. If you have any questions about window film and its installation, please get in touch with us - we offer installation services Australia-wide, whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or The Gold Coast!

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