How to Install Whiteboards

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on the WriteyBoard, you’re ready for the next step - installation! Unlike a traditional whiteboard, installing a stick-on whiteboard is super easy and won’t require a power drill. All you need to do is to prepare the surface to ensure the whiteboard sticks properly and securely. 

While we do offer installation services, you can follow the process below to do it yourself! 


Recommended tools & materials

You will require a few tools and materials to install your whiteboard and ensure it holds in place. Make sure to grab a partner to assist you as well! 

    1. A clean microfibre cloth
    2. Straight edge / level (any long, straight material you can use to ensure proper vertical and horizontal alignment)
    3. Pencil
    4. Masking tape

      How to install your stick-on whiteboard

      1. Grab a partner! 

      You will need a partner to help you install – designate a ‘holder’ and a ‘smoother’! As   compensation, you can let them use your WriteyBoard whenever they want!

      2. Prepare your wall 

      The next step is to draw reference marks and clean your wall. Using a straight edge / level and pencil, draw your horizontal and vertical reference marks to ensure proper alignment of the whiteboard. Make sure your wall is clean by removing all dust and debris with a clean microfibre cloth.

      3. Place your WriteyBoard on the wall

      Unroll up to 1-2 feet of your WriteyBoard and use your masking tape to tape the corners in place. 

      place whiteboard on wall

      4. Release half of the WriteyBoard!

      Unroll your WriteyBoard until half of its length has been released. For sizes longer than 6 feet, use tape to better secure the board in place.

      5. Apply masking tape at midway to ‘split’ the whiteboard. 

      Stick a long piece of masking tape that runs from top to bottom, splitting the whiteboard in half. 

      split the whiteboard

      6. Unroll the rest of your WriteyBoard! 

      Release the other half of your whiteboard and tape the remaining corners. If crooked, ensure you make the proper adjustments!

      unroll whiteboard

      7. Peel the protective vinyl back 

      Assuming your designated roles as holder (H) and smoother (S), H should start removing the tape from either the left or right corners, gently pulling the end of WriteyBoard vinyl back away from the surface. The other person (S) should simultaneously peel back the protective paper backing.

      peel protective vinyl

      8. Keep peeling, then cut! 

      The smoother (S) will peel back the protective paper all the way to the middle of the whiteboard (where the long masking tape is). They should then cut the protective paper backing. 

      peel protective paper

      9. Apply and smooth the WriteyBoard onto the surface

      The holder (H) will bring the WriteyBoard to its taped position while keeping a slight distance from the wall. Starting from the middle, the smoother (S) will then apply and smooth the material onto the wall.

      apply and smoothen out whiteboard

      10. Keep smoothening the WriteyBoard

      Using your microfibre cloth, slowly and firmly smooth up and down towards the holder until you reach the end of the whiteboard. Should bubbles form while smoothening, the holder (H) should gently peel it back and repeat the process. 

      11. Repeat on the other side

      After successfully sticking the first half, remove the middle tape and repeat the same process on the other half. 

      12. Iron the material down

      Using the squeegee tool included in the kit, iron down the whiteboard and release any remaining trapped air.

      Having trouble with installation? 

      Installing your own whiteboard can be a daunting task – especially if you bought a big WriteyBoard! Thankfully, we’ve got an instructional video that you can follow step-by-step and also a manual that you can print!

      However, should you fall short on time and want to leave it to the experts, we can provide you with installation assistance. Simply fill out our installation request form and we will ensure your WriteyBoard is applied and smoothed flawlessly!  

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