Visual Learning

The basics of visual learning involve the expressing of ideas through images and other visual techniques. Most people tend to adapt this particular style of teaching and learning since it makes study sessions much more interactive and interesting. Visual learning has helped both teachers and students comprehend, understand and express different ideas without having to compromise on the subject matter.

As you may already know, there are primarily three types of learning styles:

-Audio Learning

This focuses on people who learn better through explanations.

-Kinesthetic learning

It’s a hand on method of learning where students usually write and learn.

-Visual Learning

This method helps people learn through what they see.

Since, here we are talking about visuals, let’s discuss more of that. People, who opt for this method of learning, are taught with the assistance of presentations, reading material, charts, images or anything else that involves viewing. For visual learners, it is all about seeing things play out in front of them. They rely heavily on picking up facts, figures and information through visual effects. This is why it is extremely important for those teaching or presenting to have the appropriate tools and equipment required for visual learning.

The backbone of all visual learning sessions is a white board. These boards are essential, staple accessories of any class room or study group session. You may already see your teacher, presenter or anybody else; express their thoughts and ideas with the help of these whiteboards.

In 1991, the very first whiteboard was launched and it proved to be revolutionary. People used these boards to encourage interactive study sessions and a more collaborative environment which involved several people working together. A white board is not only relevant to studying or classrooms. It is also highly useful in corporate environments and can help people keep a track of their projects and numbers.

Now these whiteboards employed in offices and other workplaces may not be the same as the ‘traditional’ whiteboard. Nowadays, you might have heard about dry erase products like whiteboard paints and markers which are commonly being employed in learning sessions as well as in homes and businesses.

Dry erase whiteboard paints and markers have become extremely popular as learning and teaching tools. If you are wondering as to what they can do, well, the answer is simple. These are just like whiteboards but slightly more convenient. Dry erase paints have made it much easier for people to promote interactive learning and collaborative working.

To sum it up, these are some of the advantages of dry erase products and whiteboards:

  • Easy to map everything
  • Keep track of everything simultaneously
  • Enhances the learning experience
  • Charts, graphs and statistics can be better explained
  • Cost effective

You would be surprised to know that these newer whiteboards and dry erase products will make your life a lot easier and hassle free. Witness it for yourself by trying our dry erase paints on any wall within your domestic space and using it as a whiteboard. We also offer peel and stick whiteboards that can go up in a minute and be removed just as easily. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless, smooth learning experience that helps build an interactive and collaborative environment around.

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