How to Use Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard paint enables you to transform blank walls or other smooth surfaces into dry erase surfaces. You can apply whiteboard paint to a variety of smooth surfaces including drywall, wall paper, metal, wood and 100% sealed surfaces.

Made from Writeyboard’s patented formula, the HDI polymer mixture comes in a can ready for application so you can easily apply it to your surfaces, leave it to dry then begin using it as white board. 

Why use whiteboard paint?

The major advantage of whiteboard paint is that it saves you from needing to install a traditional whiteboard. You won’t need to drill holes into the wall, lift a heavy whiteboard or stick to conventional sizes and shapes when you use whiteboard paint. It is also a much more cost-effective and less labour intensive option compared to the traditional whiteboard.

You can also choose whether you want your whiteboard to appear white or transparent. By choosing our transparent option, you will still have the functionality of a whiteboard and keep the existing colours and graphics on your wall.

How to apply whiteboard paint

Applying whiteboard paint is incredibly simple! Just follow our easy steps below and transform your surface into a usable whiteboard.

1. Mark your area 

The first step is to mark the area of your whiteboard. Use either painting or masking tape to define the painting area. 

2. Cover carpets and floors

Next you want to cover any surrounding areas such as the floor, carpet and any furniture to protect them from accidental paint damage. 

3. Prepare your wall with sandpaper

You don’t need to use a primer before you apply our whiteboard paint unless you are applying it to a raw material such as unprimed/painted gyprock, timber, etc. However, you do need to use 80-120 grit sandpaper to ensure your wall is smooth and has removed any imperfections. 

4. Prepare your paint

Before you apply your paint to the wall, stir the paint for a minute or two. It’s important to  minimise any air being mixed into the product.

5. Paint the wall!

You are now ready to apply the paint to your wall. Coat your Writeyboard foam roller in paint, enough to saturate the roller without it dripping, and apply to the area. One coat should be sufficient. 

6. Let the paint dry

Let your paint dry overnight, it should be dry to touch. You will then want to wait at least 48 hours till you start using your whiteboard. 

7. Enjoy your whiteboard

Your whiteboard is now ready to be used!

If you’re having trouble applying your whiteboard paint, check out this handy installation video, visit our FAQs or please get in touch with us!

We also offer installation services to save you the time and hassle of applying the paint yourself. 

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