School Whiteboard

Are you a school with modern facilities? That’s already half way to successful education administration. And because chalkboards and student whiteboards are where you want your students’ eyes for as long as possible, let’s start with what Writeyboard could add to the most important walls in your classrooms.

Kids, teenagers, and adults can all visualise lessons and absorb content in ways and places never thought possible. Whiteboards for schools allow kids to learn and connect through visualisation. 

Create a big learning space with a stick on whiteboard at school

Drawing on the walls gives you and your students a huge space to work with. It will encourage participation and gives everyone the fun of writing and drawing on a large scale. It is perfect for everything from complex maths equations and writing out important passages from books, to creating murals and artworks that will capture the imagination.

Kids whiteboards are great to use as a calendar or weekly planner

In addition, a large Writeyboard is the ideal calendar for school classrooms at every level. Students will have a weekly planner that clearly shows where they need to be, what they should expect, and what they need to succeed. This will empower your students to get the most of out of their lessons every day.

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