Stick-on Whiteboard FAQ

You've asked and we've answered!
View common questions the Writeyboard team gets asked, to see if you can find the answer you're looking for. Although 99% of your questions can usually be answered here in the FAQ Highlights, you're welcome to call or email if you can't find the answer you're searching for. 

Is there any prep involved?
If the surface is textured we recommend lightly sanding to as smooth a finish as possible. Please ensure the surface has had adequate dry time (approx. 30 days). Lightly misting the surface or adhesive backside prior to installation may be helpful in the eventuality of air bubbles.

How many people are needed to install?
For any size above 60X90cm we recommend at least 2 installers. 3 people may be necessary to install the largest sizes.

Can I install my WriteyBoard outdoors?
Yes, however exposure to the elements may reduce performance, adhesion, and product longevity.

Can I install a WriteyBoard over wood?
Yes, please note that if the wood is unfinished the adhesive will not stick at all! If the wood is unfinished it is recommended to apply a primer (gloss if possible) to seal the wood before installing your Writeyboard.

Can I install a WriteyBoard over glass?
Yes, with this kind of installation we recommend liberally misting the surface with a spray cleaner.

Can I install a WriteyBoard over metal?
Yes, provided it is smooth. The metal will also retain most of its magnetism.

Are they Magnetic?
Our new Magnetic Writeyboard is indeed magnetic! See the entire Magnetic product page under whiteboards. The rest of our collections however can be placed over a magnetic surface, as the strength of the magnetism would only be moderately affected.

How do I get rid of air bubbles?
Be sure to mist the area with spray cleaner and then use the provided squeegee or rag/towel to squeeze the air out towards the edge. The liquid helps slide the air out...



How do I remove my WriteyBoard?
Please ensure painted surfaces have had adequate dry time (approx. 30 days). With the use of a hairdryer, heat the WriteyBoard to excite the adhesive to allow for easier release from the substrate. Slowly peel away from surface avoiding ripping or tugging abruptly as this may cause surface damage.

Can I take it down and put it up somewhere else?
The Classic stick on whiteboards (Classic, Classic XL, Transparent, Midnight & Matte Black) should be thought of as a semi-permanent solution that should only be removed under certain circumstances such as moving out of a current location. Our Restickable whiteboards are the only whiteboards that are removable & reusable for multiple applications.

Can the WriteyBoard be taken down and transported?
Yes, the best way to do this is to place it on the original backing material that was peeled away before applying. If this is not available wax paper or baking paper (non stick) is a suitable substitute.

Will removal cause surface damage?
The adhesive is designed to peel away clean without ripping paint or leaving behind sticky residue. However, due to our inability to predict the structural integrity of individual surfaces we cannot guarantee that removal will not result in damage. Since each installation is subjective we cannot guarantee the outcome and recommend testing in an inconspicuous area prior to application.

What should I write with?
Any variety of dry-erase/whiteboard markers or dry-erase crayons can be used. In the event of a permanent marking Goof-Off or comparable aerosol spray cleaner can be used to aid in removal. Alternatively colour over the permanent marks with a dry-erase/whiteboard marker and wipe with clean cloth

What about markings that have been on there for a while?
For more residual markings use a spray cleaner (available for purchase on our site). You can also use Windex, Multi Purpose Cleaner, or any other comparable product. Citro Clean works well with Whiteboard Paint surfaces

What should I use to erase?
We recommend a micro-fiber cloth (available on our website in the accessories page) or standard whiteboard eraser.

What is a Stick On WriteyBoard?
WriteyBoards are dry-erase boards with an adhesive backside designed to be stuck onto a surface.

Read our detailed description to find out more about out sick-on whiteboards!

What will they stick to?
They can be applied to virtually any surface, however a FLAT SMOOTH SURFACE is strongly recommended for best results.

How long will they last?
Each WriteyBoard comes with a 5 Year Warranty but can in all likelihood still perform well beyond that.

How thick are they?
0.18 mm, or about as thick as a few sheets of paper. They will reflect the condition of the surface to which they are adhered.

What colors do they come in?
They are available in White (glossy), Matte White (for projection & Dry Erase purposes), Transparent (clear), Midnight (glossy black) and Matte Black.

Can whiteboards have custom prints and designs?
Yes we can print any design, colour or template at any size. Get in touch or visit our custom printed whiteboard page.
Does Writeyboard have custom sizes?
Yes, we offer custom sizes in all of our whiteboard products, simply visit our custom size page under whiteboards or send us an message

How do they arrive?
WriteyBoards come rolled up in a stylish tube which is then removed and unraveled.