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The best thing to happen to desks since chairs!

WriteyTable is the perfect desk to write and work on. It’s a spacious, modern desk with a whiteboard surface. Great for taking notes, drawing, leaving yourself calendar reminders, brainstorming ideas as you work and creating to-do lists to organise your day. WriteyTable comes in two sizes and two finishes to suit any space!


  • 100% whiteboard Surface
  • 75cm Ergonomic Height
  • Modern Chasis Z-legs
  • Stability Support (leg attachment)
  • 2 Grommet Holes


Declutter Your Workspace

Experience the satisfying ‘ahh’ of relief as you remove every unnecessary piece of paper off your desk space, transforming your workstation into a multi-purpose whiteboard table. Merging practicality and sophistication, WriteyTable brings together the versatility and clarity of a whiteboard, complete with a sleek birchwood tabletop finish. The entire surface is a dry-erase playground, and doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. The tabletop is made with a 100% whiteboard, and is designed to look and feel like a natural birchwood desktop.

Desk Sizing and Dimensions

WriteyTable comes with two set dimensions: 60cmx120cm and 75cmx150cm. Both sizes are designed to hold your monitor, keyboard, pencil cup and mouse, whilst allowing for plenty of breathing room to write down a new theory of quantum physics or a particularly large lunch order should the need arise.

Flexible Desk Workspace

Not everyone has the luxury of an extra room to collaborate or plot out ideas, and not everyone has the freedom to make changes to their office space. So we've reimagined the one place you deserve complete autonomy, the desk. The result is a completely different outlook on what's possible within your workspace.

A More Personalised Way To Work

Using a whiteboard table gives you the freedom and creativity to personalise your workspace as you please. Illuminate your desk with a splash of colour with marker pens and sticky notes, and bring your ideas to life. Once it's time to move on to the next idea, simply erase the table using an eraser cloth.

Perfect For The Study Or Office

Work in an office space? From home? Or maybe you're still at school and need to pimp up your study space? WriteyTable's usefulness is limited only by your imagination. In tight spaces, it comes alive with the desk-top providing a whole new canvas without using up any more room. In a big creative space the WriteyTable can be the centre-piece, the choice is up to you.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, it comes flat packed however is a straight forward assembly process following the detailed instruction guide.
No, it comes at a fixed height of 75cm.
Yes, the desk surface of WriteyTable is unaffected by moisture and dust.
Yes, it can be maintained like any standard whiteboard surface.
Orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours.


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Customer Reviews

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Writey Desk

I purchased this desk two weeks ago. It was for a second desk and to encourage my 4 year old son to draw and write. Its an amazing desk-I would highly recommend it. The desk was delivered the day after I bought it and my son has been writing and drawing on it ever since. Ive been using it when the other desk we have is being used by my wife. I think all desks should be like this ...you can write your to do list for the day on it and rub it out when you are finished...great desk, high quality finish ..cant recommend it more..


I hesitantly leave a negative review however attempts to contact the company have gone unanswered. I was initially very keen to use the Writeydesk. After arriving damaged (squashed in one corner meaning damaged laminex) I contacted the company and initial reply from the company on the day of delivery very good, the company has now however fallen silent and not returned any of my emails. I'm currently using a damaged but still usable desk. I'm sure the product is good and I would purchase again, if the damage had not occurred and/ or follow up had been better from Writey Australia.