WriteyDesk White WriteyDesk White

WriteyDesk White


The chic and functional Writeydesk White features a whiteboard surface and black steel legs. The great thing about this whiteboard desk is it looks at home anywhere. You can visualise this desk in any classroom or University except its whiteboard top makes it the dux of the class.

How often do you discuss a project in a study-group and have to rely on one person to take notes? Imagine the potential for real cooperation when the note-taking is done right there on your WriteyDesk white desk!

The group that gets to work on this desk are already half-way to getting an A + for their presentation. In fact, they can do the entire presentation on the desk!

The WriteyDesk white is solidly built and just loves to be worked on by more than one person. The desktop can stay clean, just for drawing or the black and white design effortlessly compliments any accessories. Pot plants, laptops, you name it! Just no unnecessary paper!

Not expensive but doesn't feel cheap, its the peoples champ of whiteboard desks. Kids, teachers AND parents will love it!

It's the only desk that'll not only make you look forward to algebra, it'll make it look sexy! Just make sure you don't get carried away and start writing on your other desks at school.

Heck, if you really insist on scribbling "Mr Sanders is a tight-wad" somewhere, your WriteyDesk white is the perfect place. Unless you are home-schooled and Mr. Sanders is your father.


  • 100% Dry Erase Surface 
  • Ergonomic Height 29.5"
  • Modern Chasis Z-legs
  • Stability Support (leg attachment)
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