WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish

WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish


The WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish is the life partner you've always been looking for. If this whiteboard desk was on Tinder, you'd definitely swipe right. Even better though, the invisible whiteboard surface allows for swiping both left and right with an eraser!

This desk will keep your boss happy because it looks great and is built to last for years of hard use. The ergonomic design manages to solve more than a few problems at once and look good doing it. In tight spaces, it comes alive with the desk-top providing a whole new canvas without using up any more room.

In a big creative space the sleek birchwood design means this desk can be the centre-piece. With an array of coloured markers lighting it up. A splash of colour goes a long way. Especially green. The colour your colleagues will be after you get one.

For working and writing on, the birchwood finish tells a little white lie. It pretends to be someone else - an average desk. But pull out your marker and you'll quickly realise there's more to this desk than meets the eye. And boy does it meet the eye!

Still not ready to give up your gold-plated antique desk? You don't have to! But if you think your office space could do with a little livening up, the WriteyDesk Birchwood Finish can make even you, look hip. Yes, even you, Clarence.


  • 100% Dry Erase Surface (white or birchwood veneer) 
  • Ergonomic Height 29.5"
  • Modern Chasis Z-legs
  • Stability Support (leg attachment)
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