White Whiteboard Paint White Whiteboard Paint

White Whiteboard Paint


Think Big. Write Big. Take any space to the next level by turning it into a totally dry erase able surface with WriteyBoards revolutionary 1-Part White Whiteboard Paint. Our single part solution eliminates the mixing process that all Low Odour 2 Part Paints require. Cover entire wall spaces from floor to ceilin making it easy-to-change notes and charts without the size limitation of traditional whiteboards. So you know what to do, ditch the old and get with the new!

*Like all other light colour paints, when applying over a dark surface, use a white primer prior to applying WriteyBoard Whiteboard Paint.

To learn more about the differences between Writeyboard Whiteboard Paint and other Whiteboard Paints click HERE.

  • Superior Dry Erase Performance
  • Single Part Solution
  • No Mixing Required
  • No Pot Life - Product will not set
  • Only 1 Coat
  • Ideal For Home, School or Office
  • 10 year warranty

Not sure how much you need? Use our calculator to figure out a guesstimate

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