Clear Whiteboard Paint Clear Whiteboard Paint

Clear Whiteboard Paint


Writing on the walls used to get you in trouble. Well now it's not only allowed, it's encouraged! Turn any colour wall into a beautiful dry-erase canvas with our revolutionary 1-Part Clear Whiteboard Paint. Our single part solution eliminates the mixing process that all 2 Part Paints require. The transparent finish allows you to create or preserve any colour you want! Transform previously unused wall space into a creative, sustainable, highly functional dry-erase surface with our 1-Part Clear Whiteboard Paint.

To learn more about the differences between Writeyboard Whiteboard Paint and other Whiteboard Paints click HERE.

  • Modern Whiteboard Solution
  • Requires Only 1 Coat
  • Single Part Solution - No Mixing Required
  • No Pot Life - Paint will not set
  • Paint on Friday, Write on Monday!
  • UV Resistant
  • 10 year warranty

Not sure how much you need? Use our calculator to figure out a guesstimate

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