Floor Signs

Floor graphics are specialty decals created for floor advertising using special adhesives and durable laminates designed to be stepped on.


As we work to a COVID Safe world, floor graphics can be used to outline where to stand to maintain social distancing in your business.

Floor graphics are a creative advertising method that can feature any design image or message of your choice.

Can serve as an effective way finding and direction sign to guide both new and repeat customers around your store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use floor graphics on a carpet?

No, our floor graphics are not designed to be used on carpet.

Are floor graphics slippery?

No, the custom floor graphics that we manufacture are anti-slip.

How do I apply/remove floor graphics?

Floor graphics must be applied to a clean and dry hard floor. Prior to applying floor graphics, use cleaning supplies to clean the area thoroughly followed by wiping the surface. The last step is to install the graphics by peeling the liner off and applying the decal to the floor.
Removing floor graphics is even simpler, as you can peel them off with your fingers. If there’s some resistance or it keeps tearing, you can loosen up the adhesive with a hair dryer or heat gun. Clean the floor with soap and water afterward to remove any sticky residue.